Special Assembly on Diwali


A Special Assembly was conducted onrnDiwali and the objective was to make the students aware of this festival-whyrnand how it is celebrated. The assembly commenced with prayer followed byrnshlokas, its meaning, thought, news updates and song. An inspiring skit wasrnalso dramatized showcasing the 'Eco-Friendly Diwali'. A powerful message ofrndire consequences of adding to the pollution of the environment by burstingrncrackers was brilliantly staged as well. The students took a pledge to have arnpollution free and Eco-friendly Diwali. The assembly was followed by arncaptivating dance performance by the students.


G.D. Goenka World MUN 2018


10 students of Classes IX & X participated inrnG.D. Goenka World MUN 2018 event from 28.10.18 - 30.10.18 at G.D. Goenka WorldrnSchool, Sohna Road, Gurgaon. Six students from our school were acknowledgedrnwith awards. Tanishq Jain (HarryrnPotter) received a High Commendation Award. Ishaan Pant (UNHCR) and PrateekrnPrakash Jha (Harry Potter) received special mentions. Tript Singh (HarryrnPotter) , Sparsh Malhotra (UNHCR) and Kaustabh Goyal (UNHCR) received verbalrnmentions.



Movie time- classes I-II


The students of classes I-II went for movie screening of 'How to Train your Dragon'. They were taken to east Delhi mall wherein they enjoyed the screening along with juice and popcorns. Brief description of movie was provided after coming back to school. They rearranged different sentences related to the movie as post excursion activity.

Special Assembly on Rashtriya Ekta Diwas - Classes III-VI


Students took a pledge and realised the importance to inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity, integrity and security of our country. 

Workshop on Anger Management - Class VI


The resource person Ms. Mahua from Litchi Knowledge Centre interacted with the students and dealt with the issues such as (i) What is Anger? (ii) Consequences of anger (iii) Importance of Anger Management (iv) Tips to deal with anger etc. The session aimed at imparting effective skills in managing anger. The students shared their observations of the session and identified incidents which make them angry.

Ramleela Celebration - Class I


The students came dressed as different characters of Ramayana and presented a skit based on this mythology. The students enjoyed the story depicting victory of Good over Evil. The parents enjoyed and applauded the hardwork and flawless performance given by the young Goenkans.

Workshop on Adolescent Behaviour - class VIII


The resource person, Ms. Garima Kushwa, started with introducing the topic Bullying. They were drawn into a discussion by eliciting responses from them around the topic and different aspects were also discussed such as (i) What is Bullying? (ii) Types of bullying-Verbal, Physical & Cyber (iii) Reasons/Causes of Bullying (iv) Solutions. All these aspects were substantiated by giving real-life examples to the learners which aroused their interest. They also became aware of any such action happening around them.

Visit to Traffic Training Park - Class KG


The students were introduced to basic road safety rules. The children were excited to see the fabricated pedestrian pathways, signboards and traffic signs, foot bridge etc. which were all created in 'scale-down measure' to suit the heights of the little ones. 

150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi


On occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, students sung peaceful prayers like Vaishnav Jan and Ramdhun. Lectures in classes III-VI were taken on Gandhiji's life and work with special reference to his ideal of Non-Violence and Communal Harmony in today's context.

Visit to Railway Museum - Class Nursery


The students were delighted to be welcomed by a beautiful engine located in front of the entry gate. Children were very excited to see the different types of trains from different eras. They explored the museum and saw the mesmerizing engines and coaches displayed.