Workshop on Hindi subject - Class X


A two day Workshop (23.01.18-24.01.18) on the subject Hindi was conducted for Class X students. The resource person, Ms. Geeta Budhiraja (a renowned Hindi Subject expert) laid emphasis on the major aspects of the language which are Grammar, Literature, Writing and Reading and gave hint on easy solutions. She cleared doubts related to the Board exams and made the students aware about the marking scheme, time management, good vocabulary and sentence formation.

Inter house Science Mastermind Quiz - Classes III-V


Inter house Science Mastermind Quiz was conducted for classes III-V. The Quiz was divided in 7 rounds - inventions covering general science related to the concepts of physics, chemistry and biology. The rounds included inventors round, anagrams, visual rounds and rapid fire that tested students understanding and knowledge of science at their level. Teresa House bagged the 1st position followed by Radhakrishnan House and Vivekanand House.

Workshop on Accountancy - Class XII


Workshop on Tips on Accountancy by (C.A) Dr. G.S. Grewal and Mr. R.K. Khosla was held in the school for class XII students. The students were given important tips on how to attempt the CBSE exam. They were also rendered invaluable advice on the important concepts of Accountancy.

Basant Panchami celebration


On the occasion of Basant Panchami, Saraswati Pooja took place in the school. The students sang Saraswati Vandana & Saraswati Bhajan and recited shlokas. They were also made aware of the significance of Basant Panchami.

Result of Inter House Yoga Competition - Classes III-VIII


Boys Category
I Position: Swarnim Singh Kakran of IV-A (Tagore House)    II Position: Prabhnoor Singh of IV-A (Radhakrishnan House)    III Position: Pratham Bhalla of IV-A (Teresa House)
Girls Category
I Position: Mahi Gupta of VI-B (Radhakrishnan House)    II Position: Tishita Takkar of VI-B (Teresa House)    III Position: Ridhvi Sadh of VI-B (Vivekanand House)

Workshop on Mathematics - Class X & XII


Workshop on developing mathematical skillsrnand aptitude for excelling in CBSE board examinations was conducted for classesrnX and XII. The resource person Mr S.N. Chibber has been associated with CBSErnand SCERT. At present he is secretary to Delhi associations of MathematicsrnTeachers. Students were enlightened by the speaker on cracking board examsrn. Also, Time management skills and Mistakes done by the students in exams werernhighlighted.


Maths Race Activity - Class I and II


‘Maths Race’ was organized for students of classes I and II. For Class- I, multi-coloured ballsrnwith names of the days were kept in the centre and students were numbered 1-7rnin their respective teams. On the blow of the whistle, they picked up the ballsrnand arranged them on the cones according to their sequence. The fastest teamrnwon the race. Class- II students had ‘Luck by Chance’ race wherein the studentsrnparticipated in sack race and had to solve the sum and get back to theirrnstarting point. At the end, all the correct individual answers were added. Thernteam who got the highest number won the game.

Visit of Taiwan Delegates


As a part of British Council ISA Programme, the Principals of schools in TaiwanrnInteracted with the school's student Council members and ISA Team. The team alsorndiscussed the future prospects of collaborative projects and exchange programmesrnwith them.

Shabdo ka Khazana - Class I


An activity Shabdo karnKhazana was held for the students of class I which aimed at creating awarenessrnof the possibilities of using varied words in oral and written expression andrnto add words to the active vocabulary of students. In the first round, they hadrnto write 10 words dictated to them. Amongst them, the best 10 students werernselected for the 2nd round, where they were asked to spell a variety of words.rnFinally in the 3rd round, the students were shown a picture and they had tornwrite names of any 10 things shown in the picture. The students were applaudedrnfor their efforts.

Workshop on Cyber Crime - Classes VII & IX


A workshop on Cyber Crimernwas conducted by Ms. Shilpa Dalmia from Judicial Services (Karkardooma Court)rnfor classes VII & IX. The session began with general talk on rights & responsibilitiesrnin our life. Guidance was given to be careful on social media and for sharingrnpictures, making friends and liking and sharing facebook pages. It wasrnemphasised that the students should understand their responsibility towardsrnparents and teachers and should confide in them if faced with dilemma or inrncrisis situations.