Fruit Cream Making activity- Classes I & II

Fruit Cream Making activity held for classes I & II. The students prepared the dish by adding chopped fruits to the cream and serving them in plates. Seasonal fruits like Apple, Pineapple, Banana etc were used. The students were also told about the different ways of cutting the fruits (chopping, slicing) whilst doing the activity.

Rahaagiri at Connaught Place

Ms Ankita Podder and Ms Devika Venkatachalam accompanied 13 students to Rahaagiri at Connaught Place.The event was organised in collaboration with the Love Care Foundation(NGO). Students performed a skit on the need to save the environment. There was also a flash mob that was done by the students of love care foundation.

Special assembly on Gandhi Jayanti and International day

A special assembly was conducted on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti and International day for the senior citizens.Students of class V-A  participated enthusiastically in the activities like group song and enactment. A message of truthfulness and togetherness was spread amongst everyone.

Rhyme recitation activity for KG class

Rhyme recitation activity was organized for kindergarten kids to enhance their confidence, voice modulation and oratory skills. Students recited their rhymes along with the props. Each student was assessed on the basis of voice modulation, fluency, props, presentation and confidence.

Visit to post office -class Nursery

An excursion to Post Office was organized for nursery students. Prior to the visit, students made a family picture on postcards. When they visited the office, they interacted with people of various departments and got familiarized with the working of the post office. They posted their postcards in the red letter box.

KG B  -  Special Assembly on Community Helpers

KG B - Special Assembly on Community Helpers : In cognizance with the theme of the month "Community Helpers", Kindergarten Bluebells organised a special assembly on Community Helpers for the pre-primary students. A small skit was performed wherein students dressed up as various community helpers and spoke about the significance of each helper in our community.

Visit  to  National Science center - Classes  I &  II

The National Science center, Delhi is a unit of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM). Students visited science & Technology Heritage gallery ,  Information Revolution Gallery, Human Biology Gallery , Prehistoric life gallery.  

Thank you Day celebration - Classes Nur-II

Thank you Day was celebrated in classes Nur-II. Class Nur & KG Students were explained the importance of people around us, who keep helping us in day to day life, like policeman, postman , doctor etc. They were encouraged to show gratitude towards the helpers and show respect to them for the duties they fulfill for our community. Students made beautiful cards & gifted them to their Nanny and parents .

Class II - peace card making activity

Activity of peace card making was conducted in Class II to celebrate the Peace Day. The students made cards having different symbols of peace along-with quotations on the same.

Maths Puzzle Wizard Activity for class II

Maths Puzzle Wizard Activity was conducted in class II . This activity was divided into two categories. In first category, the students had to do a crossword puzzle (based on their maths syllabus like addition, word problems). In the second category , the students were asked to draw any picture  with the help of cut-outs of various shapes.