Class II Maths Quiz

The Maths Quiz was conducted in class II today. It consisted of seven rounds having four questions each with multiple choice answers. The questions were based on the syllabus completed till now. The activity met its objective of inculcating team spirit in the students. The students participated in the quiz with enthusiasm and learnt team spirit.

D K Quiz for classes VII-IX

D K Quiz was conducted in the school. It was enthusiastically received by the students of classes VII-IX. Students of class VII-IX participated in the quiz and amongst them six teams were shortlisted for the Final round.Team of Hardik Arora IX B & Kanav of IX A were the finalist.

Proud to be an Indian Activity

An activity "Proud to be an Indian" was organised in Kindergarten classes , in accordance with the theme of the month "India my Country" . Students dressed up in the uniform of Indian armed forces i.e. Army, Navy and Air force and spoke few lines on the be Proud protectors of the nation - Our defense forces.

Special Assembly on Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Special Assembly on Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was conducted by Class VI C. The students were made aware about the contributions of Dr.Kalam through this assembly.

II Position in District Level Zonal Competition-Patriotic Song

Krish Mittal V C; Lakshay Chaudhary VII A; Shreyansh Swami VII A; Siddhant Gupta VII A; Vikalp Aeray VII A; Vihhaan Gupta VI A; Kunal Aggarwal VIII A; Mehul Aggarwal VIII B; Nishad Ansari VIII B; Pranav Verma VIII B; Sankalp Mukim VIII B; Shreshth Gupta VIII B; Tushar Jindal VIII B: Aditya Sharma VIII B, Parth Khurana VIII A participated in the Zone 1 District East Delhi Patriotic Song competition and secured II position in the District Level.

Friendship Day celebration in classes Nur-II

Class Nur-II celebrated Friendship Day.A short animated movie called 'Purple Turtle'was shown to them which taught them to help friends in need. Students also made friendship cards to exchange amongst each other.

Friendship Day -     Nursery-II

Class Nursery - II celebrated Friendship Day  in the school premises. The day explained the bond of togetherness and unity among friends. They had an activity - tug of war and a short animated movie called Purple Turtle was shown to the students which taught them to help friends in need. Students also made friendship cards to exchange amongst each other. Students were taught the importance of true friends in life.

Inter House Table Tennis competition

Inter House Table Tennis match was held on 23rd July for classes III to V in the school. The Final match was played between Tagore House and Vivekananda House. Tagore House won in the finals.For classes VI-X the match was held on 30th July and Vivekananda House was the winner and Tagore House was the Runner up.

Science of Human Body activity for Class II

Class II conducted Science of Human Body activity for the students. Students  were made aware of the joints , muscles bones & various other parts of human body. Students made a skeleton (human figure) on a sheet with the help of matchsticks. Students were also taken to the Science Lab where teacher showed them skeleton through which the students were made aware of the movement of various body parts and also places where internal organs are located .

Hawain party  for class I and II

Hawain party took place for class I and II wherein the students dressed themselves in Hawain dresses . They had  fun dancing on Hawain music and playing traditional Hawain Party games . They even tasted the dishes of Hawain cuisine i.e pineapple , cake, juice etc . Students got to know about the Hawain culture in a play way method .